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Cuenca Rentals and Sales is Cuenca’s first and largest property management and rental services company, serving renters and foreign property owners since 2008. We offer a full-range of rental and property management services, catering primarily to North American and European clients. Our sales services are aimed at those interested in purchasing or selling rental properties. We follow all national and local laws and regulations relating to rentals and property management.


Graciela Quinde (Owner Manager)

Graciela was born and raised in Cuenca, where she earned her MBA at the University of Azuay. She attended high school in the U.S., in Bainbridge, Georgia, and has traveled extensively in Europe and Latin America. She managed a tour agency for 14 years before operating a restaurant and teaching Spanish to foreigners.




Sebastián Valdivieso (Client Services)

Sebastián was born and raised in Cuenca, where he learned English with native speakers in a language Institute and then did an international exchange to Israel. He has a B.A. in International Studies at Universidad del Azuay. 



David Morrill (Marketing / Consulting)

David is a former journalist and university administrator in the U.S.  He is editor of the English-language expat website, CuencaHighLife. 



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Phone: 593 994 882 938
Phone: 593 7 284 7328
Address: Bolivar 12-30 at Tarqui Office 204
Whatsapp +593 978 899 215


CuencaRentals&Sales is rental management company specializing in providing furnished, turn-key rentals to foreigners. Although most of our rental terms are from three weeks to six months, longer terms are available upon request.

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The best way to learn about Ecuador is still the old fashion way: read a book. Travel guides such as Lonely Planet, Footprints and Insight provide reliable and honest overviews of the country that you won't get on most websites.

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Cellphone: +593 994 882 938 / +593 983416187
Office Landline: +593 07 284 7328
Address: Bolivar 12-30 at Tarqui Office 204
Whatsapp +593 978 899 215 / +593 983416187 /



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