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Live on the edge of El Cajas National Park/HERMOSA CASA EN EL PARQUE NACIONAL EL CAJAS

Live on the edge of El Cajas National Park in part of this beautiful new10-acre 14-unit project.

Located 10 miles from El Centro – on the road to Lake Llaviucu – One of the best near-city birding locations in Ecuador. Stunning 50-Mile views down valley across Cuenca and beyond.

1,000 sq. foot one-bedroom unit with 50 Megas Etapa Fiber Internet, Heated Peruvian Travertine floors, and fireplace. No common walls. Fully Furnished – King bed Full-size laundry equipment, French-door GE fridge Induction Cooktop/Oven, Kitchen Island, Black granite counters.
 Delta faucets & shower controls. Sentry Security glass. 24-Hr. security.

Electric Entry Gate.
 The area has been designated a Unesco World Biosphere Reserve so future development in this area is limited.

The 10-acre project is bordered by the Rio Tomebamba, the cobblestone road to Lake Llaviucu, dairy pasture and the Guayaquil Hwy. 20 min. ride to El Centro. Pet-friendly.



Property Features

Area (Sq. Ft.) 1000
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Garages: 1
Location: West
Address: 3016
1000 Sq. Ft.      Bedrooms: 1      Bathrooms: 1
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